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Reviews of Fishers Of Hunstanton, Hunstanton

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Review by the landlord on 3rd October, 2011

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nowhere else open (unfortunately,as we normally use SUPERFRY )staff rude ,chips like a congealed mush,lovely white fish only to be what can be described as a batter of the same cosistency of the contents of a nappy. could not get parked again after going down to lighthouse carpark otherwise would have been happy to deposit food over friendly efficient staff .i have never seen f & c wrapped in such a sloppy way NEVER AGAIN

Date visited: 03/10/2011

Review by cool dude on 20th September, 2011

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it's great service everything's great

Date visited: 21st september 2009

Review by Kris louth on 6th April, 2011

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I went there earlier this year, as the second customer in was expected to wait however was delighted to be served quickly- however after taking mine and my four year old daughters sausage and chips outside soon found why- the chips and sausage were refried, tasted stale, I told my daughter sharply to spit the food put, after going back in and telling the cook what I thought, he called me a liar ( I've been a chef for 12 year) they them banned me. I must say I'd already banned myself- I love my daughter enough not to give her poisonous food. In short i reported them so any more time saving short cuts that risk customers health will be found out and I myself will never be so hungry asvto go there again

Date visited: 1/2/2011

Review by Liz Abraham on 5th January, 2010

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My husband and I have been coming to Fishers for many years, we come to Hunstanton mainly to have dinner in Fishers. We have visited at various times of the year and the fish & chips are always perfect, consistant and delicious and we have always found the staff to be friendly and polite. We would certainly recommend Fishers to anyone visiting Hunstanton. They are the best!!!

Date visited: 03.01.2010

Review by Bob Harrison on 5th October, 2009

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Myself and wife have been coming to Fishers for years. We moved nearby some years ago but sadly had to relocate to the middle of the country. We still visited Hunstanton and once again, we find ourselves able to move back to the area, and fish and chips at Fishers is always our destination, as it was last Saturday. In the past we have been met by cheerful young ladies with a smile and pleasant manner. Not any more. The "gentleman" who now appears to be in charge as head waiter?? is sour faced to say the least. Not a smile or pleasantry would he lower himself to bestow on Fisher's guests. We had a queery about not being served when it appeared that others who were seated after us, had their meals before us. My wife had approached him away from where we were sat, he gave an explanation, which she accepted with no further comment and came back to her seat. Our food was put in front of us, but within seconds of this, the head waiter came up to our table, and in a voice that ensured everyone around the place could listen in, started on again about why we hadn't been kept waiting or out of turn. The manner in which he did this, was so humiliating, that we just sat there unable to pick up knives and forks and tuck in. We just felt sick and embarrassed. I said to my wife I really don't feel like eating this at all. She agreed and said let's go. We walked through the cafe and I started to say that the way this waiter had gone about this was totally uncalled for. I got an abusive answer from a tall waitress who was on the sidelines. My wife went to the "gentleman" in question, and tried to say that she had talked to him before he came back at us at our table and had accepted his excuses and left it at that, so why did he go out of his way to try to show us up? He wouldn't offer any apology but just snapped at my wife saying, " I have finished, I have finished". I'm not surprised that she lost her cool . . This man is a fairly new addition to Fishers staff?, but let me say this. He is arrogant, unsmiling,and unwelcoming. Our pleasure that we got from visiting and eating at Fishers is over. All the years we've been coming to Hunstanton we have never known anything but a good experience among pleasant and helpful staff and this person does not fit in there. He has spoilt the whole atmosphere at Fishers. Customers are hard to obtain, but easy to loose! Reputations are gained & lost by recommdations. Thankyou

Date visited: Saturday 3rd October 09

Review by phil wetherilt on 7th September, 2009

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After reading the the reveiw of the family who said they were treated badly on tuesday 6th of august I think that they were over doing the moaning bit turning up twenty minutes before they shut ,all of the fryers must have long been turned off and after a hot and knowing Fishers for years a very busy day to then be confronted with afamily that seemed a bit over zelous.Well as I said If you want the best food in SUNNY HONEY there is ONLY ONE fish and chip shop and that will always be FISHERS.Myself and girlfriend went into the shop on Sunday 6th september and as usual perfect sevice and more important fantastic fish and chips thank you all at FISHERS regards Phil and Jan

Date visited: 6.9.2009

Review by Isobel Jenner on 6th August, 2009

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I visited this restaurant on the evening of Tuesday 4th August as part of my birthday celebration. Unfortunately my family and I were treated in an extremely rude and discourteous manner I believe because we arrived at the restaurant at 7.40pm twenty minutes before their closing time. After complaining to the waitress about her rudeness (in a calm and reasonable manner) she delivered our meals in the most aggressive and snarling manner that I have ever witnessed. The plates were almost thrown at us. At the end of the meal I asked to speak to the manageress and complained about the rude aggressive behaviour of the waitress. To my absolute shock the manageress started to screech at me about zero tolerance towards customers complaining about staff, she threatened to call the police unless we left the premises immediately and invasively placed her hand on my daughters chest to propel her towards the door. During this 'altercation' the offending waitress stood at my left hand side shouting me down the whole time I was trying to speak. I HAVE NEVER IN MY LIFE WITNESSED A SUCH A MORONIC AND NASTY DISPLAY OF MISMANAGEMENT. My husband and I are retired and are thankfully of a calm and collected disposition. I dread to think of the consequences if this kind of incident had taken place with younger individuals who may have reacted more heatedly. I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT RECCOMMEND THIS RESTAURANT TO ANYONE THE FISH AND CHIPS ARE NOT WORTH THE AGRO

Date visited: 04/08/2009

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