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Reviews of Crown Inn, Northwold

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Review by paul on 12th November, 2013

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lovely find good food good service nice real fire .good all round local pub . been recommended by friends thought would try it out excellent will be calling in again soon.

Date visited: october

Review by paul on 5th November, 2013

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lovely meal good value for money honest pub grub / nice people friendly , roaring fire what more could you want excellent find.

Date visited: 26/10/13

Review by barry on 17th May, 2013

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Excellent visit with vintage bikers.Lovely sunday roast with fresh vegetables all cooked perfectly nothing frozen. very busy but nothing too much trouble. Lovely people thoroughly enjoyable lunch .

Date visited: 12/5/13

Review by Karen on 4th May, 2013

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Saw signs on the main rd which took us to this lovely place. Very pretty village and very old pub roaring fire just what we needed. Very busy with a large party but managed to fit us in without much delay . I must say excellent steak and ale pie homemade with nicely cooked fresh veg and new potatoes nothing frozen homemade apple crumble what more could you want. Lovely waitresses nothing to much trouble.Having just moved to Munford will be calling in again , just brilliant.

Date visited: 19/3/13

Review by pearce on 3rd April, 2013

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Staying in the village for a short break went along to the pub for a charity quiz nite. Great night food was excellent two steaks and bottle of wine £30 cant beat it steaks were cooked just how we liked them .Place was packed locals made us very welcome quiz was good .Made our Easter break can't wait to visit again .

Date visited: 30th march

Review by robert on 14th March, 2013

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Went along after reading that review and could not fault the place. Food excellent service very good friendly waitress . Can;t believe you were in the same place . We have just moved to methwold and we shall being going often. The place was buzzing customers friendly thoroughly enjoyable lunch. Nothing was too much trouble . Booked for next week as sundays seem to be very busy looking forward to it will make it a regular event .

Date visited: march

Review by Gilly on 1st March, 2013

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Travelling through Norfolk's backroads we cme across the pretty little village of Northwold . A chilly miserable day and hunger pangs took us through the doors of Northwold's only pub, The Crown Inn. If only we'd read some of these reviews beforehand. If you've ever seen the film "American Werewolf in London" you may recall the scene where the two hapless young Americans happen upon a pub on the wilds of the Yorkshire moors.....our arrival was somewhat similar, with all those inside putting own their glasses and turning to stare at us in total silence. We should have left then, but thought it was a joke. The landlord (?) was friendly enough as he got our pre-lunch drinks, and the menu didn't look too bad. We didn't expect haute cuisine from a small village pub, so on that score we weren't disappointed, however the food we were served was lukewarm and bland, the meat tough and stringy and the vegetables soggy. The service was off hand to the point of just other words: couldn't care less. A less welcoming pub I have yet to find, and quite honeslty I just can't see where the rave reviews are from, however, now that I've read them all and looked at the dates they were posted, I have my suspicions. I just wish I'd read that first one before we entered the portals of the Crown Inn, as it is closer to the truth than any of the others. Since eating there I have looked online at the webpage for this pub and am suprised to see the menu is different from the one in the pub. I have copied and pasted the following from their webpage: "The Crown Inn has warm and friendly old world atmosphere and a very welcoming fire in the winter months. You are always assured of a warm welcome what ever the weather." No it doesn't, and no, you're not...enter at your peril..... Visited January 2013 I have copied this across from my Tripadvisor review as I really want others to see this pub is not all it seems.

Date visited: Jan/Feb 2013

Review by irene on 25th February, 2013

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Seem to spend my time defending our wonderful pub as on another site on the same day a bad review . WE WERE THERE THAT DAY as usual excellent food wonderful service . I do think yo should check out genuine reviews from rubbish . Don't believe me try for yourselves, you won't be disappointed we never are .

Date visited: 17/2/13

Review by valerie on 17th February, 2013

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Awful, awful, awful. Dreadful food served by offhand staff whi behaved as though we were an inconvenience. If it's all too much trouble then stop running a pub!

Date visited: feb 2013

Review by shirley on 25th January, 2013

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Recommended by friends to use this delightful pub which we did !! Had an excellent meal 2 lovely rump steaks cooked exactly how we liked them and a bottle of wine only £25 great value for money. A roaring fire and some sixties music sheer heaven !!!!!!! Can't wait to go back hosts are such nice people nothing was too much trouble keep it up .

Date visited: dec 2012

Review by brian on 5th November, 2012

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Found pub from sigh on main road . Had a lovely meal great real fire going . very enjoyable . will call in again .

Date visited: 3/11

Review by simon on 12th October, 2012

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Saw the last comments on the place and decided to call in. Busy night with quiz on but what a great place . Had a wonderful meal steak and ale made by the landlady lots of meat which makes a real change really good . Stayed to enjoy the quiz and havea laugh with the locals . Some real characters , great night landlord friendly and Cheryl very nice when she managed to get out the kitchen. Looking forward to being a regular just moved into Thetford . Can't Recommend the pub enough a great night out ............

Date visited: 9/1012

Review by sally on 3rd October, 2012

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went to the pub for lunch because my grandmother calls in every time she is up from essex. she said cheryl is lovely always makes a fuss of her .she is right lovely place food is excellent hope to pop in again soon

Date visited: 31/9/12

Review by john on 30th September, 2012

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called in to have lunch at this lovely pub, we were recommended by friends at the caravan park not far from the pub. We were not disappointed lovely food all home made the steak and ale pie was delicous and the beef lasagna was the best my iwfe had had for a long time !! Very busy but still had time to have a chat ,waitress very nice in fact the whole experience wonderfull . Will go in again whilst here the place is clean and very pretty outside lovely baskets and the cat with attitude his name is Fudge by the way is huge . He just won't move for you . If you are this way I Strongly suggest you call in you won't be disappointed we weren't

Date visited: 29/9/12

Review by Jay on 16th September, 2012

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In reply to Cheryl’s comments….I am the “rude lady” she refers to. Cheryl, I am astonished when you say you overheard me, and feel there must be something very wrong with your hearing because at NO time did I say to my husband that there is "nothing wrong with it you just don't like it"; you weren’t even in the room when the issue of the scampi’s strange taste was discussed……you were on the other side of the pub, in the kitchen, which is why the young lady who served us said she would go “tell them in the kitchen”. In fact YOU were the one who said that to HIM when you stampeded your way to our table and, very rudely, stuck your finger in our faces. You did not even introduce yourself, you didn’t ask what the problem was, or how you help, you just launched into a tirade. As for the soup…I did NOT eat all of it, maybe a third of it; I did eat the bread, however, which was lovely. I would suggest that if you saw an empty soup bowl then you also have a problem with your eyesight…..I’d get that, and your hearing, checked out if I were you. At no time were we rude; we wanted to resolve this problem quietly, but you wouldn’t have it….you shouted at the top of your voice so everyone else could hear…..maybe that’s because of the problem with your hearing, or maybe you just wanted to humiliate us, which I think is actually closer to the truth. Either way, it’s certainly not the way to treat your customers. Please get your facts straight before you write such rubbish, and make sure that what you write in a public forum is the truth. I do hope you’re not suggesting that we were “looking for freebies” ….maybe this was why you were so rude to us? As I said earlier, we had really wanted to make your pub our local, and would have been happy to return again and again had the food, and the service, been good. Someone “looking for freebies”, as you so delicately put it, would not want to do that. The suggestion is offensive. Bad enough that the food wasn’t good, worse that we were treated so appallingly, but worse still is to fabricate a scenario to suit your own ends. I have no doubt that you have served thousands of meals to people from every far flung corner of the universe, and I’m sure they enjoyed it. If that’s the standard they’ve come to expect, then good luck to them. Our meals on that Sunday were not good. Enough said.

Date visited: 3rd September 2012

Review by jenny & david on 11th September, 2012

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Popped in to have a lunch at this lovely place, good to see cheryl and david still there. Food excellent as always. Haven't beeen in since they changed the front ,which looks lovely with all the flowers and baskets looking great. They work really hard to keep the pub clean and looking good for us to enjoy . Here for a few days so will be in a lot for a change can't wait. Thanks for keeping this old place so lovely.

Date visited: 9/9/12

Review by jenny&david on 11th September, 2012

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Popped in to have lunch again at this lovely place, food excellent as always.Great to see David and Chery still here. We live in essex but always call in even if its a little out of the way. The welcome is always very warm and they are pleased to see you. The front looks really nice now with all the plants and baskets in bloom. They work really hard to keep the place clean and tidy. We have never had a bad meal in all the times we have visited. Will manage to get in a few times as we are here for a week ,can't wait.

Date visited: 9/9/12

Review by cheryl on 7th September, 2012

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What a very rude lady. We had served over twenty lunches previously including the so called strange scampi. I overheard the lady say to her husband there was "nothing wrong with it you just don't like it" I have been here over 5 years and have some wonderful customers. And over the years it is also possible to spot people looking for freebies. As for the soup you ate it all .You were very strange to say the least . Our customers come from all distances to enjoy our food and hospitality ,however you can't please everyone .

Date visited: owner

Review by Jay on 3rd September, 2012

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Having recently moved to Norfolk we decided to sample the delights of our local pub the Crown Inn in Northwold. The pub itself is quite pretty, with beautifully tended plants and flowers outside, along with a few picnic benches, most of which were occupied with what turned out to be locals. We headed inside and found the menu board which, to my surprise, had two or three vegetarian options. The landlord was friendly enough but the woman standing behind him, almost snorting with impatience, was not. We placed our order…...scampi and chips for my husband and soup for me, which, I was informed, was vegetable. We were taken aback, to say the least, by how quickly our food arrived (less than ten minutes); this in itself is not necessarily a good sign, hinting at the possibility that it had been on the back burner, so to speak, for some time. The soup, whilst a lovely warm orangey colour was thick, glutinous and somewhat fibrous, so trying to determine exactly what kind of vegetable(s) had gone into it was difficult. It had quite a pleasant taste, but again, I couldn’t really say what it tasted of….spicy, mainly, and I defintely had one or two pieces of onion skin! The scampi also suffered from a “mystery” taste: that of being slightly “off”. We mentioned this to the young girl who said she would speak to “them in the kitchen”. Before we knew what was happening the Unfriendly Woman from behind the bar was leaning across our table, pointing a finger at us, and declaring loudly enough for everyone to hear that “There’s nothing wrong with that scampi, I serve it every day and there’s nothing wrong with it. I opened that packet fresh this morning and if you don’t like it there’s nothing I can do about that” She paused for breath during which we said that it actually tasted strange. Much huffing and puffing, and swiping at the table with a towel was followed by a reluctant offer to do "something else". My husband, not wanting to cause this woman any trouble, or make her more angry than she so obviously was, suggested an egg or an omelette whereupon we were told in no uncertain terms “We don’t do eggs on Sunday; this is Sunday Lunch Day”. And off she flew on her broomstick. I hadn't realised that cracking eggs was considered a sin in this part of the world. We were speechless. It’s bad enough that the food was unacceptable, but to be attacked in such a manner by this woman, whom I’m led to believe is the landlady, is totally unacceptable There is no excuse for such belligerence and rudeness, especially when we’d not made a scene, but tried to handle things discreetly. There was no offer of a refund, partial or otherwise, so we left. Interestingly, as we left we were asked by a group of people sitting outside, if we were thinking of buying the place. They’d seen us taking photographs and had assumed this was the reason. My curiosity was piqued and so I asked why they would be looking for new owners, explaining that I was interested in what they had to say, especially in light of our own experience. It seems the Crown Inn’s landlady is not a popular figure….. I really cannot recommend this pub which is such a shame as,we would have enjoyed making this our “local”.

Date visited: 2 September 2012

Review by mike on 22nd June, 2012

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just had a weeks holiday at caravan park nearby went to pub a few times for food and drink .never disappointed food excellent pub owners very nice people. always very clean . Not many like this left old worlde charming place.

Date visited: june 2012

Review by sue on 11th June, 2012

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great food nice people just lovely . hope to pop in again next time through .

Date visited: 6/6

Review by peter on 4th February, 2012

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Lovely food great sevice hoping to move to the village soon . will be going in often. a lovely country pub no yobs no bad language thoroughly enjoyable place.

Date visited: 20/1/12

Review by steve whitt on 21st October, 2011

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Lvely pub traditional not many left only had time for a beer but saw lots of lovely food about going back for some myself cant wait!!!!!!!!

Date visited: 6/9/11

Review by penny long on 9th June, 2011

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just great lovely pub good food nice people just what we needed thanks

Date visited: 2/6/11

Review by mary scones on 16th April, 2011

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signs on the road took us to this lovely old pub. we had a great lunch and wonderful service. my husband said it was so good would call in on way back from short stay in kings lynn .cant wait!!!!!!! do give it a try best we have had out in years.

Date visited: 12 april 2011

Review by terry wilson on 14th March, 2011

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great pub lovely people food brilliant hope to go again .

Date visited: 28 feb 2011

Review by mary on 5th November, 2010

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found the pub from signs on main road, lovely traditional place staff brilliant, best steak and ale i have every had veggies just right will call in again as soon as possible great experience highly recommend.

Date visited: 7/7/10

Review by collins on 6th May, 2010

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what a find tired hungry and thirsty just the job lovely people best ploughmans in years HUGE though but great . will defenitely call in again

Date visited: 3-3-2010

Review by Paul and Kathleen Weeks on 1st May, 2010

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On a lightening visit to Norfolk managed to get a table for 2 though had birthday party for 18. Pleased to say the pub is still clean, inviting with an excellent Sunday lunch, worth the 140 mile trip. Great landlord and landlady, remember us from previous visits. Will be back as soon as we can.

Date visited: 25/04/2010

Review by penny on 5th March, 2010

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tired needed food and drink lucky to find this lovely pub of the main rd. food great just what we needed. lasana homemade brilliant bit big though. nice people will pop in when that way again .

Date visited: 22/2/10

Review by Mrs watson on 13th December, 2009

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Had to call in and have another great meal at this lovely clean pub im 84 and have never found such a lovely pub and such friendly people we call in whenever we come through norfolk and are so pleased to see david and cheryl still there if i didnt live in essex id e there two or three times a week long may they last trying to get them to move to essex no such luck see you soon xx

Date visited: 4 november 09

Review by louise morris on 24th November, 2009

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Found this lovely old pub in a lovely village. Open fire old worldy place wonderful.Friendly hosts and fabulous food what a find .The homemade lasagna was great and the steak and ale pie melted in the mouth we shall definately be back .something special lovely and clean specially the loos keep it up there isnt many like this left.

Date visited: 31.11.09

Review by Sue Black on 28th February, 2009

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We have just returned from an enjoyable evening spent in this old country pub where we were welcomed by a lovely open fire and friendly hosts. We can certainly recommend the Steak and Ale Pie and the Roast Onion and Goats Cheese Tart which were both served with freshly cooked vegetables.Tasty Starters and deserts were also enjoyed. Last but not least we listened to great 60s and 70s music in the background.We would certainly like to make a return visit.

Date visited: 28/02/09

Review by mrs waddell on 2nd January, 2009

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I visited the pub with friends to find lovely open fire very friendly owners and excellent food highly recommend and cant wait to visit again pity we dont live closer would love to make it our local

Date visited: dec 08

Review by david jones on 2nd August, 2007

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Old inn with a friendly atmosphere. The steak and ale pie is homemade and has to be one of the best around

Date visited: 25/06/2007

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